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Hier findest Du einige ausgewählte Rückblicke von Konzerten, Proben und anderen Auftritten.
Nach reiflicher Überlegug habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, nicht alle Rückblicke zu übersetzen, da ich die Befürchtung hatte, hierduch den ursprünglichen Sinn und die Stimmung des Autors zu verlieren.

Ich möchte Scott Manke aka Moscapoet für seine sagenhaften, herausragenden und detaillierten Rückblicke aus Powerscourt danken. Jedes Mal wenn ich sie lese, ist es als noch einmal dort zu sein ... und ich habe sie sehr oft gelesen. Scott’s Originalrückblicke wurden auf

veröffentlicht und sind dort weiterhin verfügbar. Mit freundlicher Genehmigung erscheinen sie auch hier. Danke, Scott!

Um den Sinn und die Stimmung der Rückblicke zu betonen, habe ich mir ein paar Smileys vom "Máiréad Nesbitt Forum" ausgeliehen. Dort haben sie ein paar ganz spezielle kreiert:


29. Juli 2009
Powerscourt House & Gardens, Enniskerry, Irland - 1. Tag

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart
Post by: Moscapoet on July 29, 2009, 08:34:45 PM

OK, folks, fresh from a very chilly night at Powerscourt. Part one is the day’s lead up.

I awaken and go for a walk and grab coffee and a doughnut then the internet cafe. Back to chat with Dwight for awhile then a bit of rest. Down to meet everyone in the hotel lobby at 1300. I meet a German member from the Chloë forum first, Axel aka Aholinka. Nice gent. Then Fiddle Addict, Linde, and Kat arrive. Off we go for a half hour or so walk to Temple Bar for lunch and a pint. Oh BTW, if anyone over here tells you something is a 5 minute walk plan on twenty. Kinda cute once you get used to it! Anyway a nice lunch and I buy for the group. Then back for everyone to change and get ready. The minibus driver shows up at 1645 to take us to Powerscourt.

The drive is nice and Cieran is very entertaining. Filled with questions for us and he sings us a song about the former leader of the group The Dubliners who died at an early age. He apparently was quite a character but an amazing talent. We all talk with him about the group, the artists, and ourselves. He, like many here, have never heard of the artists in the group. But he has heard of Chloë’s mum Twink who has a radio show one morning a week very early. Seems the older folks all know Twink and like her.

We arrive at Powerscourt a little after 1800 and there are already about 20 people in line so we join the ranks. We’re there for about an hour and a half and have quite a number of rain showers come through, some heavy. They open the gate and let us in to stand in another stopping point behind a chain. About another hour or so passes and more rain. It did not look promising but the folks putting on this show were busy and determined to have it go forward. The chain drops and there is a mad dash for seats behind and to the side of the house a bit in a garden area. Lots of folks are saying to not run as it is slick and there’s no hurry. Well, forum folks want up front so for us yes there is a hurry. It looked like about 750 or so but I’m not great at guessing numbers.

Most of us get seated to what appears to be stage left second or third row. Not bad. The stage is simple and skews off to its right due to the lay of the land. There are many more rows to stage right with some actually going down hill a bit. Stage left and half of center seats are only about ten rows deep. They are folding chairs set on the soft, lush grass. The stage is grey with some small elevations for drum kits and risers for the orchestra. There are small areas of flames but not the torches as at Slane. The backdrop is Powerscourt house which is a large stone estate. Behind us and to our right downhill are more gardens and fountains. Really a lovely setting. The soft evening gives way and then Scott Porter comes out and welcomes us. He is working so is in a coat and jeans. He thanks us for all coming and saying how important the audience is. He then turns it over to his stage manager Ronny who is a very likable gent. He gives us some basic instructions and has us do a couple rounds of applause for camera shots.

The stage is now set. It is still partly light but with lots of clouds around. The house is lit during the course of the evening in various floods of color. The two domes atop it also change color. The rain has passed for the most part and it gets very chilly in the damp air. There will be a lot of chattering teeth tonight on stage and off. But no one is about to let it deter them as the artists have their job to do and so does the audience. And so the orchestra and band take their places and then out comes Máiréad. We’re of on a new adventure. Part two, act one is next.

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart
Post by: Moscapoet on July 29, 2009, 09:26:20 PM

Part two. Act one. Máiréad has taken front stage. No entry through smoke. No Sky, Dawn, and Sun. The lead song tonight is a slightly new arrangement of The Call. There is a line of drummers up on the upper level atop a wall to stage right. It is a beautiful song. No, Máiréad does not have the fiery or haunting parts she had in the previous shows. But it is done well. The girls are all in long pastels. Máiréad has a very pale green gown with some pink embroidery. As is customary it has plenty of ruffle down below. OK, not White, but really lovely and nice color on her. The pastels for the vocalists are sort of a grey for Chloë, yellow for Lisa, white for Lynn, and sort of a pink for Alex. They’re soft, long, and lovely. Mr. O’Mahoney has done well again.

Next song up is Lisa singing Fields Of Gold. So they kept this cover. It is done very well and backed by the choir as on the IOH tour. BTW, there are six male and female choir members. The men are in black and the women in long medium green gowns. Una and Helen are there as we knew, and it looked like Catrina and Roisin were back. Yep, there’s Amy with her hair long and full of curls. She still beams that wonderful smile too. Nicely done again Lisa.

Next up, what do I here but the familiar strains I hoped I would hear. There is Chloë and she begins to sing When You Believe. Oh my. She knows I love this song and have made it a personal theme song for me about all that has happened the past couple of years. She sees me and smiles and winks. All of the artists saw myself and the forum folks right away. They would interact throughout the night as best they could without detracting from the camera work they had to do. Oh my, Chloë. really lovely. She did not, however go through those octaves at the end as she did on the IOH tour. Hey, you gotta leave something for the tour right?

Ahhhhh, there she is. Oh I know what’s coming. Coast of Galicia!!! Máiréad!!!! Sigh. Yes the crowd (led by forum folks) starts clapping for her and she has a great time with it. Sorry Mike I did not count the spins. She is smiling and floating around but not much in the way of leaps. Well, no way you do that with a wet stage anyway! Skips, twirls, sways, stretches, and spins. All the lovely and graceful Máiréad we so adore. Sigh.

They get our pipe playing friend a seat off to our left. So, we know what this appears to be and it is. The beautiful and haunting pipe solo leading up to Isle of Hope Isle of Tears. Funny but this feels so right here echoing around the green land. He gets a round of applause. The ladies launch into the song which is really very moving. We weren’t sure how much of the America focused songs would make the cut. Glad this one did. Lovely as always.

OK, so the cold is getting to the girls a bit. They stop and the makeup lady runs up to attend to Lisa while all the artists are in position on the stage for the next piece. The poor things are freezing. Lynn is nearest us and chatting with someone in the audience and wrapping her arms around herself. Gosh girl eat a cheeseburger! :D We felt like running up and giving them all warm hugs. Our teeth were chattering like Chihuahuas on a caffeine high. Those ladies must have been chilled to the bone in the cool, damp breeze. Anyway, the song starts. I do not have a title for it. However, FA tells me the tune is from Dwozak’s New World Symphony the largo part of it. It is sung mainly in Italian it sounded like. Very pretty with all the artists doing parts and harmonies. Whatever they call it I know you’ll like it.

Alex and Máiréad stay on stage and I know what that means. True Colors. Oh my, Alex, thank you for the lovely looks. What a sweet lady. For those that saw this on the IOH tour you know it is well done. It was here again tonight.

OK, we get a lead in on pipes that is haunting then Chloë steps out and we hear a new song. Something about crossing home to Ireland (it’s home). I do not know if this is new or an old Irish song, but it is very pretty. Nice choice that could grow on folks very quickly especially those who love Ireland (and frankly how could you not?)

I hear the beat, Lynn comes out, and I’m jazzed. Carolina Rua!! Oh I love this song and Lynn does it so well along with the help of a certain amazing fiddler and the choir. Yes Lynn you know I love it! Thanks for the looks. Yes, I was mouthing all the words! Hmmm, Lynn in white or Lynn in frilly red dress? Both winners! Sorry, no can choose here. I just want to stand up and sway with them all.

Lynn stays on stage and I hear the chimes. Up next is the pretty lullaby, Goodnight My Angel. Awww Lisa the way you look at Lynn and Chloë. You really are a mum aren’t you? Such a soothing, gentle song with three graceful swans on stage. You can sing me to sleep any time ladies.

Chloë takes out her earpiece (each are only wearing one tonight and they can hear us as we comment and chat with them now and then) so does that mean............? Yes! Oh America! She tells the audience that America has supported them for five years now and this is a tribute and thanks to them and the fans from there for that. In this largely Irish audience that is really touching. She asks the audience to thank America and its fans for that support and they do. Yes, I’m streaming tears almost right away. Chloë sees that as do the others at various points and they smile. Yes darlins’ you are part of our families and we hope we are part of yours too. We love you. There is also an additional choir in purple robes that sings along. What’s this? Fireworks? WOW At various times during the night we saw flames shoot from spouts at angles behind the artists. Those were wonderful effects and also felt nice with the warm blast of heat from them. But now fireworks! Cool! Thank you all again so much CW. Goodness what a way to end act one.

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart
Post by: Moscapoet on July 29, 2009, 10:14:52 PM

Part three. Act two. OK, Ronny comes out and tells us that the PBS folks will be doing some of their shots and then he will have us do more applause shots for the cameras. We mingle and talk a bit until then while the ladies, no doubt, are changing into second act dresses. We take our seats and the choir comes out in front of the stage on the grass in two groups of six. They walk by us and I yell to Amy "Hey, it’s Candy Canadiana!" which gives her a big laugh. We have a few smiles and winks during the night. Gosh I like her! Well, it begins to rain and the orchestra exits with their instruments and the choir exits as well. It only lasts a couple minutes then back on stage. While I wait I’m thinking that I miss that hard driving end to the first act with Mo Ghile Mear. Then they start. What’s this? Máiréad in a lovely grey gown somewhat similar to the one she wore in the Christmas DVD. Very pretty. The vocalists come out in dresses much like At The Ceili! You’re starting the second act with that? Really? No they aren’t! I don’t know what its called but it is upbeat and really fun! Oh yes, you’ll like this one! The ladies swing and dance with each other a bit and Máiréad has some fun bits too. Nice way to start.

Máiréad stays on stage. OK, your guess is as good as mine. Oh my. Oh my. Thank you Lord. Mike are you ready? It is Last Rose Fantasia. I think she and David know how many of us treasure that air. Her soul speaks so beautifully with it. Thank you so much. It would have been a tragedy to not preserve it. What? Technical glitch? Would we like her to do it again? What are you kidding me? Twice? Oh and this time she gives me such looks. No that isn’t rain on my face. Oh my. God bless you.

Máiréad stays out there and Lynn joins her. It is a new song that appears to be the theme song of the show. I think it may be called Songs of the Heart. It is lovely and gentle. What a pretty song. Lynn is now in her second act dress which is a very full skirt and tight on top It looks like satin and is a fucia tone (? maybe) and just lovely. Much nicer than the dark heavy looking ones from the IOH tour. Very nice.

OK, there must be two dozen bagpipers playing off stage. They’re playing Amazing Grace. Then Lisa steps out in her lovely and similar dress in a greyish brown tone in satin. Oh my, she’s going to sing it? No. Oh Lord, I’m a puddle. Then out comes Chloë and Alex, then Lynn (all in similar dresses with Chloë in pinkish, Alex in blue). It is Amazing Grace. I wasn’t that wet from the rain! It’s gorgeous and strikes very deeply at me. I know many of us had wondered even openly in the forum if Máiréad or any of the vocalists would do that song at some point. Now they’ve all done it. I’m very emotional about it as I write this. First, Last Rose Fantasia and now this, not to mention all the rest so far. OK where is the broken glass for me to crawl through for tomorrow night’s show. Rats the keyboard is getting wet.

Next up we have Chloë with Lynn and Máiréad. Hmmm, wonder what this is? Awwww, solo and duet arrangements of Pie Jesu. Wow, how pretty. Angels could not have done this better. What am I saying there were three of them up there. I think the cross around my neck was glowing. Wonderfully done.

Máiréad stays out there and starts to play a very pretty slow air. I ask FA if she has ever heard it and she had not. Whatever it is it appears to have replaced Shenandoah but is very nice indeed. Does that mean...? Yep, out come Ray and Nick and we get a fast air full of fun! Again, I do not know the title and neither did FA. Perhaps some of the Irish folks know it. In any case we are clapping right away and it is great fun.

The four vocalists appear and we get that beautiful four part A Cappela harmony of Danny Boy. I have never heard this song done better than when they do this. It has been wonderful since they first performed it in Evansville. Again tonight it was sweet as nearby sugarloaf mountain.

Ronny comes out and we hear him chat with the ladies just two more pieces tonight. So they all take position and give us the extended version of You Raise Me Up. Fireworks? Again? Really? Cool! Wonderful! It would not be CW without this song! It really is so moving and I’m always a bit weepy with this one. Why do these people make me cry tears of joy at all this beauty? They truly are Heaven sent. So we are at the end. One more and what will it be?

The choir lines up and forms a corridor and Máiréad takes position at the end of it. Then it starts. YES!!!!!!!!!! She does her smokin’ finale!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m almost as pumped about this as I was when she used the Incredibow at Red Rocks! Again, this was something so special it had to be preserved. Clapping along started with us forum folks right away and spread to the rest soon. Then all were on their feet as the artists came out for the Mo Ghile Mear reprise! Well, we didn’t get Mo Ghile Mear but we got the reprise. They take their bows and as has been the case Chloë gets the loudest cheers.

So it ended. I do not know if any other songs will be on the docket for tomorrow night but this show tonight was marvelous. It was so worth the rain, the cold, the standing, and the trip. We’ll wrap it up in part four.

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart
Post by: Moscapoet on July 29, 2009, 10:38:14 PM

OK, part four the wrap up. The show is over and the ladies left with a wave. No, Máiréad did not use the Incredibow tonight. That’s OK. That she likes it and used it even for two nights at Red Rocks is really quite an honor. We cannot say thank you enough for that Máiréad or for your continuing kindness in your blog posts.

We made our way out and ran into David and thanked him for the wonderful new show. I shook his hand and said a review would be up by sunrise and it is. I told him I did not know the names of the new pieces. He said he would not spoil it by giving me any hints. Guess we have to wait for the new tour program. Ahh, well, beautifully done as always maestro. David is genius and perhaps we need to send his photo in to the dictionary so it can be placed next to that word.

We waited in the front for our minibus which was late. Hmmm, more of that Irish time again eh? Ahhh, no worries, who can wind down anyway?! So he arrives and we chat more with him about everything. He drops us off and then I head here. We’ll see him tomorrow at 1200 to take us to Enniskerry for lunch and then we’ll hike up the hill for the tour of the facility and then get in line right away for the show tomorrow night. Weather is expected to be wonderful.

Tonight I saw yet another masterful creation and performance. I saw it with wonderful forum folks from all over the world. I saw it with friends and family of the artists. In spite of rain, cold, and travels, all was as perfect as it could be. Every person in this effort should be congratulated. Most of all though thank you to the artists for the hard work after such a long tour. Thank you for again interacting with I and other forum folks from the stage. You are more loved and have done more to change the lives of so many than you could possibly know. You do this by simply doing what God put you here to do and doing it better than any others.

In my conversations today with Cieran I came to understand and reaffirm what I already knew about Ireland. It is not about stuff, money, or busy work here. In spite of all the oppression and misery this lovely place has experienced, it is a nation of survivors. What legacy this nation leaves to the world it leaves in song, instrument, dance, poetry, and the simple kindness of its people. My travel companions, Dwight, Tony, and Scott had never been here before. They know now what I have known for two years. There is no place like Ireland or its people. Tomorrow we do this again and I feel like wishing for the movie Groundhogs Day to become real. I could live this every day of my life. Perhaps I do in my writings, and perhaps each of you will as well. I’ll continue this thread tomorrow as we attend this recording again and this time I won’t have to take notes but simply absorb it. See you then. Now it is 0430 here and I must retire to dream of sugar plums and fiddlin’ faeries. G’night all.
30. Juli 2009
Powerscourt House & Gardens, Enniskerry, Irland - 2. Tag

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart, day two
Post by: Moscapoet on July 30, 2009, 09:25:55 PM

When this day began I could not imagine what it would bring. Oh my, so many gifts to so many today. You will not believe it. I barely do and I experienced it!

I finished the first review at 0430 and got to bed at 0500. Then I was up at 0800 to start all over again. Pixie dust and coffee is powerful stuff! I cleaned up and went down to the internet cafe again to catch up on posts, mail, and check weather. We would be in for fine weather this time. A cup of coffee and a couple of power pills (doughnuts) and I’m set for the day.

Fiddle Addict, Linde, Kat, Aholinka, Scott N3sjh, ALCAN1, Dwight, and myself get picked up again by our favorite driver Cieran. We chat about the previous night and what we expect today. I give him Liv’s CD as a gift. He plays part of it on our drive. Never miss an opportunity to promote. That includes Celtic Woman as he had not heard of them. So what do I need to do, come over here and promote them myself to the Irish?! I’ll do it too! By the end of this day we will have another converted to both CW and Liv. So, we get to Enniskerry and are dropped off at our favorite pub, Nancy Murphy’s. This time we try to avoid being bad luck and starting a kitchen fire.

We were to meet Nick and his wife today there for lunch. They are from Tucson, and yes that city is on the radar screen for the fall tour too! Most of us have a nice big bowl of Irish stew, brown bread, and a pint or a cider. Mmmm, Nick and wife arrive late so just have drinks. Some photos are taken by our resident technophile, now known as furrface the innkeeper (from my fantasy novel which is four chapters along in a couple of weeks.) Axel/Aholinka opts to just go up the hill for the day and take the bus back to town. He is tired and does not have a ticket for tonight. We have extras and offer them to him but he would rather not. The rest will stay but all head up the hill to check out the gardens.

We arrive and it is very busy. I pay my 8 euros to stroll the gardens figuring I’ll find a place to write some poetry. I get enthralled by all the goings on at the stage though. Folks come this way and that in golf carts. Charlie and Norma informed me that they did a full sound check yesterday and it looks like we have one today. By full I mean full! I spot Des and give him my regards. Nice gent. Then I pull up at a railing and watch. Lisa rides by in a golf cart and gives me a nice hello. She’s in nice jeans and a lovely white floral top. She’s a sweetie. A couple minutes later here comes Alex, Chloë, and Máiréad in a golf cart! They see me and wave and smile passing just a couple feet from me. We exchange happy looks and more pleasantries then they are off to get ready.

I run into BigDave who is a great photographer as well as Norma and Charlie who are just plain nice folks. There is Joe and Cathy Jensen too! Another nice couple. All of them had been at our forum dinners at Red Rocks. Forum folks really are the best. So it starts. They do The Call, Fields of Gold, When you Believe, Coast of Galicia.........oh my, it’s the whole show! We watch the entire first act and part of the second. Cameras are going nuts, both still and video.

Let me make a statement here before we continue. We here in the forum are responsible folks. This is sensitive stuff. Big Dave, Scott, and Tony are all on the same page here. Videos cannot be released until the DVD is. That is in fairness to the operation, artists, sales, etc. It is not for us to harm in any way. So, you will not see anything from a forum member here on YouTube of this. If you see a video of it then they are others who were there and we will maintian our policy of not linking to such videos out of respect for the artists. Some photos may come out in small batches. Powerscourt is a public place and open for business. Celtic Woman had work to do. So, that photos and video was taken was a given. How and when such things are used is another matter. BTW, don’t expect that to ever happen at a venue in the states for a show. It also has not happened at previous recordings in Ireland. This was a true gift.

Fashion plate news. I mentioned Lisa’s garb already. Alex was in jeans, tennies, and a white top. Lynn was in long light gray pants and a black top. Chloë was in black tights with a pink and black partly floral smock and bright pink tennies. Máiréad was in black tights with a green sort of peasant top, black belt, and lime green heels.

The choir and band were all there but no orchestra which was piped in. David was there and conducting though just as though the orchestra were there. It was really fun to watch and listen to regular people at work doing what they do best, in this case music. They had serious conversation, fun banter, and interactiosn with the few family or friends down in the seating area. For 8 euros admission we were given a priceless treasure of photos and memories. The cutest moment for me was Máiréad tapping Lynn on the hip with her bow to get her on spot an inch or too. I thank CW for allowing this. You endeared yourself further yet into many hearts and we here will not abuse that wonderful time.

They’re was also some fun interactions with Amy too! But it is 1730 and the place is closing. I run into Nick on my way out and give him the thumbs up and thank him for all his hard work. He returns the greeting. Then we are off to stand in line for tonight. We had noticed several rows of chairs with reserved signs on them. So, unlike last night there are a lot of special guests.

I’m about 20 people back in line outside the gate. Doesn’t matter much as once inside we’ll have to wait by a chain again for awhile longer. The Brocks and Jensens are in line, as are Red Head lad (Steve) and his wife. Others are there as well. But I wind up meeting some really nice local folks who live just up the road. They are Alex and Elizabeth and really nice people. We talk almost the whole time. I find out later he has prostate cancer so please keep him in your prayers. They acquire a copy of Liv’s CD and I give them forum and site address for Máiréad as she is their favorite. I give them a copy of the photo with Máiréad and her bow.

The gates open and we wait behind the chain again as reserved members go by. Once in we make a brisk walk to the seating area again. Well, no up front or center tonight. We are fifth row stage left (the Máiréad side ) which is fine. It gives us a different perspective but still a decent seat. The section we are in has seats reserved in the first four rows. We get seated and after a bit Scott porter comes out again, this time in a suit and tie and lets us know how important the audience is just as he did last night. Then Ronny the stage manager comes out and gives us the same details as last not on what to expect. With that it is time for the show.

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart, day two
Post by: Moscapoet on July 30, 2009, 10:06:19 PM

Part two. Act one.

The night is lovely with a light breeze. No rain but lots of midges/gnats. They are spraying the stage with something in a bug sprayer. The crowd where we are seems a bit more energized tonight. Lots of fun and frolic. The orchestra gets applause as they take their places as does the band. Then Máiréad comes out and takes her place at the end of the stage. She starts with a sweet, lovely solo just as last night then the others come out to applause as well and sing The Call. During this song you get the first taste of the flame jets. Nice.

Lisa is back with Fields Of Gold. She gets nice applause for it. As those of you know from the previous tour there is choir support in this one.

The flood of light on the building changes to purple and Chloë comes out to sing When You Believe. Well, my first tears of the night. I just love this song with her doing it. The choir adds a lot to it as well.

The building is now bathed in blue for Máiréad and Coast of Galicia. The crowd gets clapping in the third part of the air and is having fun with it. Oh Mike, Tony counted eight spins which is what she had in the sound check too.

Now, there is a short break as they get a stool for the pipe player so he is set for Isle Of Hope Isle Of Tears. He does a fine job on the Uilleans and gets a round of applause. Then Chloë begins to sing and the others come out as usual. Lovely song.

Lynn stays up front and the others come out to sing that Dwozak World Symphony tune they did last night. The tune is familiar. The song has some English in it but is mostly Italian. It really is a lovely piece. What a beautiful addition.

Now we have Alex and Máiréad in position for True Colors. I admit this grew on me initially because of Máiréad, but I really have become very pleased with Alex and love this song by the two of them. There is also strong choir support.

Chloë comes out and sings that song from last night whose title I do not know. I think it may be an Irish song and it starts "If you ever go across the sea to Ireland......", and I have a feeling it is a well known song. It makes a strong statement about the country and is a song I would consider patriotic. Very pretty. We get a bonus as Ronny comes out and says due to a technical problem she will do that song again. OK, works for me! By now I’m mouthing the words.

The building is now flooded in red light and here comes Lynn. On tour she wears that lovely red dress. For this it is the building that wears red. Carolina Rua is such a fun piece and Lynn and Máiréad work well together. The folks in front of me are having a great time with it. How can you not? Sigh, again.

OK, here is where things get interesting. Lynn begins Goodnight My Angel. Lisa comes down, then Chloë but then the lights go out. Everyone continues to sing in the near dark. The orchestra plays and David conducts. They don’t miss a beat. We have cooked the generator. Shades of the Christmas DVD the first night. So Ronny comes out with the ladies still up there along with Máiréad for some reason. But they are in the dark. Well, it tirns out that furrface the innkeeper had brought with him gifts of powerful pen lights to give to Rachel. Well, he, Dwight, and Tony light the little torches and light up Ronny and the girls. Ronny has fun with it and the girls wave over at them/us and I wave back at Máiréad who sees me. They’re small flashlights but pretty strong and the guys stand there shining on the artists for quite a few minutes until the generator comes back up. It does but not for long. Finally it appears Ok and they start the song over. But shortly into it the microphones cut out and the lights again too a short bit later. Lynn puts her hands up to her face partly in fun jest but folks in a section near her give her reassurance. Well, she and the others are having fun with it as is Ronny. Finally it is back up and they get the song in. We wonder what sort of special features last night’s weather and this silliness will make.

Now we get Oh America. I brought Irish and U.S. flags for us courtesy of forum member Tink. We hold them near us for the song. At the end, unlike last night, we give them a standing ovation and all soon follow. We wave our flags and as always my face is wet. Sigh. Yes, fireworks again tonight which brings cheers.

That wraps up act one and we take a short break so the ladies can change. Act two is next.

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart, day two
Post by: Moscapoet on July 30, 2009, 10:53:24 PM

Act two.

During the break I go up to the front row in our section and meet up with Alex and Elizabeth. This is their first show and they are front row at a recording! How sweet is that?! They are so thrilled and I couldn’t be happier for them. I know they will promote this ensemble to friends and family as well they should. Celtic Woman is a national treasure and Máiréad like the Hope diamond. On my way back to my seat Charlie points a gent in my direction. He is slightly taller than me and a distinguished gray haired man. It is John Flanagan. I’m not sure why I thought he was 30 or something. I introduce myself and it is wonderful to put face and name together. He jokes that somes folks think he doesn’t exist. Well, he is a genuinely nice man and asked me what I thought of the show and the song selection. I tell him it is wonderful but especially am pleased about Last Rose Fantasia and Máiréad’s finale. He asks how my friends like it and I told him all were very moved and positive. He asked if we were having a good time and I assured him we were just thrilled and honored. John, it was such a joy to finally meet you and shake your hand. He really is most kind. Thank you Charlie for getting us together.

OK, ready for the next song and as last night the choir parades out and gets a nice round of applause. There is Máiréad in her soft, frilly, pale gray dress and the others in their dresses similar to the At The Ceili dresses. Again, I do not know the name of this song. It may be a traditional ceili type of piece. It is just a hoot and the audience are clapping to the beat all the way through. They did not do that last night. I just want to jump up on stage now and dance with them and sing along. You are really going to love this!

We go right from this happy tune to Máiréad and Last Rose Fantasia. For any of you who have not heard and seen this trust me you will be breathless and very moved by this stunning slow air.

Now out comes Lisa and Máiréad stays but relocates. The ladies are in their somewhat antibelum satin dresses again. This is another song I do not have a title for but something about the moon being a harsh mistress. It is very pretty and gentle. One would guess it is what replaced the Blessing.

Nick comes out and I know we are getting set for Alex and You’ll Be In My Heart. They really are a great combination up there and the song fits her so well. Nick does so well on that Conga drum (or something similar to it) and I’m glad he got this role for additional exposure. A nice blast of flames comes when Nick hits that last drum beat.

Now Lynn is out with what seems likely to be the theme song which may be titled Songs Of The Heart or something like it. She has choir support and it really is a beautiful song.

Now we take awhile to set up but we can see off to our right in another part of the garden nearly two dozen bagpipers. After a few minutes they begin to play and I am once again like a human waterfall. Amazing Grace on pipes is so moving but then add Lisa starting out singing it. Then the other ladies join in. This is so majestic with all their ensemble’s elements in play. My spirit is soaring. I knew this would be a winner for them and trust me it absolutely is.

Now we have Lynn and Chloë with Máiréad and Pie Jesu. I am not recovered from the last song and again I feel like my cross must be glowing. Truly sweet solos and lovely duets. A wonderrful replacement for Last Rose Of Summer.

Here comes Máiréad and the new slow air she has selected. I’m not sure it moves me as much as Shenandoah but it is still lovely and a nice selection. After applause here come Ray and Nick banging away on the bodhrans. The crowd starts clapping along right away and doesn’t stop until Máiréad's final note. Whatever it is called, and likely it is a known piece, it is just as fun as The Contradiction. A nice healthy round of applause this time standing ovation time. Yep, we aren’t holding back tonight!

The four vocalists come out and it is time for their lovely four part harmony of Danny Boy. Again, I have never heard a more beautiful way of doing this song. Everyone has heard this song but you haven’t heard it in its highest form until you’ve heard this.

Máiréad comes out and joins the others for You Raise Me Up. It would not be a Celtic Woman end of show without it. I mouth the words every time and love this longer version. Just as last night Lisa thanks the audience and all are on their feet. Fireworks go off again which brings applause during the song.

Many stay on their feet and start to clap along as soon as Máiréad strikes that first note of her smokin’ finale! The crowd is pumped! We sit down only briefly then are back up as Mo Ghile Mear Reprise brings the artists out for bows. Another air that simply had to be preserved. While doing this Máiréad looked over at us twice and once gave me a delightful look. Wow, what was that? Aww thank you too darlin’ Tony got a nice look too during this. Oh a couple fountains of sparklers tonight too this time!

They then do a quick At The Ceili exit and wave as they leave. Then Ronny says we have to re shoot one of the songs but he won’t say which one. Máiréad comes out again. Oh my, again? They go through Last Rose Fantasia again. At one point in it I get a look from her. Mike I now know how you feel. She steps to the side and waits to see if it’s a take. They say it is and she blows a kiss and is away. The recording is done. Stay tuned for the very special aftermath.

Title: Ireland-Songs Of The Heart, day two
Post by: Moscapoet on July 30, 2009, 11:24:05 PM

The after glow and the meetings.

We gather afterward and to take some photos of us and the stage and building. But I run into one of the High Kings, Darren Holden, and let him know I’ll see him on sunday in Killarney. I have nice conversation with him. He remembered me from last year and told me the show is all new not like the DVD and full of ballads. They are working on another swing in the U.S. too but nothing firmed up. I get a photo with him and wish him safe travels and he returns the favor. Nice gent.

We gather and have photos taken at the stage. Then one of our number sees Helen and wants her photo taken with her but is afraid to ask. So, I walk over and just stand nearby. Helen then looks over and lights up with a huge HI!!!! Well, hello to you too! I tell her a young lady would like a photo with her and she obliges. See, not that hard as long as you don’t push it. Thank you Helen.

Well, who is right there but Lisa’s mum and dad. Lisa’s mum asks me who I am and is admiring my shirt. I have on my Isle Of Hope T-shirt. She says "Even I don’t have one of those!" I suggest Celtic Collections. smartie! I told her who I was with regard to the forum and she responded like she knew the place and me. Well, I had my Lisa forum button and gave it to her. She said it was lovely and asked how I knew she’d be wearing purple! Folks, Lisa and Helen’s mum is as sweet as can be and you can see where the girls get their kindness and good looks. That was really an honor and I thank her and her hubby so much for taking the time.

Up and out we go hoping that Cieran hasn’t left. Well, we find him chatting up a couple in about the mid-thrities and he introduces me as the lyricist he told them about. Sean and Trisha are very nice but she is very attentive. It seems he led them to believe I was lyricist for Celtic Woman. Oh my, no. I tried to explain but she did not understand and I did not want to embarass Cieran so I told her about Brendan Graham. Of course both of them thought I was somehow involved with the group as I knew so much about things. So I simply used it as a tool to promote CW. They insisted on having a photo taken with me. Sigh, really I’m just a fan who knows stuff and writes some poetry and lyrics. Ahhh well no harm done. But I’d have felt really weird if they’d asked me for an autograph.

Off we go back to towwn with new friend Chris in place of Axel. He had asked about a ride back and we had an extra seat so sure. But, here is the Máiréad forum address. You’re darn right I’m promoting it along with her and the whole group! That’s why I get paid the big bucks, right? Um, that’s why I pay the big bucks more like. Goodness, just hire me and be done with it! Anyway, in the final part here I will go through which artist is involved in what and some impressions so you have a handy list for your favorite. For now though it is time to sign off as it is quarter past five here now.

Arrgghhh, one last thing, Tony and Scott are flying home in the morning. Thank you both for your help and being good folks to share a show with. Axel, great to meet you. See you here in the forest soon. Ariane, you truly are a lovely young lady and the choice for you as a mod is right on spot. Thanks for being such a pleasant companion. Linde, great to have met you! We’ll see you in the chat after I get back. For now get plenty of rest. Kat, the mischievous hobbit, you’re quite a fun fan and and I hope you enjoy the fiddler crossing shirt at your next formal affair.

OK, g’night! Whew. I really am nuts. Waiter more pixie dust for this coffee please! Only 20 hours this time.


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